About us

“Woodland company was founded in 1982 and has been functioning in Armenian market to this day. The company has undergone a great improvement in wood manufacturing process during those years. Our company has exchanged the morally and physically overused machines with internationally recognized ones. Those brands are well known in world market. Moreover, the company follows the latest technological development in the world market and constantly makes investment in new projects, thanks to which the company is considered as the one of largest enterprises in The Republic of Armenia. Additionally, products are consumed not only in Armenia but are exported abroad also. The demand of this is increasing on daily basis. The company makes transportation and installation work also.The company pays a great attention to qualified professionals work in the company currently. “Woodland” company constantly participates in numerous international exhibitions where it introduces our high quality products, design and construction which are a matter of interest to our competing companies. Our company is also very persistent to the clean maintenance of environment today. The factory has installed a special embedded system which allows the company to minimize emissions of chemicals, thus meeting the requirements of ISO standard. The company is one of the top hundred taxpayers which is token of company’s manufacturing and financial great resources.”